New sinergy with SIAM Turin


SIAM Torino was founded in 2013 by Maurizio Ideo and Luca Levi, that in few years have led the company to become the landmark for design,patterns and garments engineering, grading, prototyping, sms and production for some of the most prestigious worldwide apparel brands.
From years to years, however – and even more radically along with technocracy rising – the production relocation and know-how migration took place in favour of Asian countries, affecting the territory so that the characteristic Italian professionalism has thinned out: today small industries of Italian textiles have almost disappeared.
In order to protect quality and tradition, it is necessary to preserve all still existing small businesses. The “S.I.A.M.“ project was born exactly from the acquisition of one of these last bulwark. It is a small company in Settimo Torinese, working with artisan imprinting. Until March 2013, it has been owned by the American colossus “VF Corporation,” but it hasn’t been properly nurtured due to diverting strategic choices.


The thirty years of international experience of the two founders of SIAM, has led to a strong goal: to start from the traditions, enhancing the territory potential, and reclaiming the “Know-How”, made by valuable practical skills that have been lost in recent decades and turn them into innovative communications and a modern distribution.


S.I.A.M. wants to protect the intangible cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation, giving a sense of identity and continuity, promoting respect for human creativity.
The idea is to build up a cultural and creative framework to awaken the passion for beauty and for the well-done, which are always the result of hard work and patient dedication. It is a project that combines the interest in research and innovation about fashion industry with a passion for tradition.

To ensure this level of quality to the customer, it is necessary: to retrieve the “workshop” of arts or crafts for the creation of highest level products and to implement a creative economy, capable to generate new wealth and intellectual property.
Therefore, it’s important to found a creative pole to protect and add value to the existing excellence in Italy and to invest in young people for regional development, spreading awareness and creative potential of know-how (e.g. agreements with IED – Istituto Europeo di Design and the European community), setting up a “network” of international magnitude, where students and capable professionals will work in, together to build important stories and disseminate them worldwide through a transversal contribution.
Aesse Projects works with the unique ability to perfect patterns before the production phase, ensuring to minimize the costs caused by the correction of errors. Such perfection makes the products stand out from the competition. The distinctive superior fit spotlights the traditional methods enhanced by cutting-edge technology.
Thanks to this innovative model, the clients obtain finished garments of impeccable quality in cut, attention to detail and perfect stitching, that allow them to have the best possible quality/price ratio, thus receiving the highest possible profit margin.

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